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    What is a School Based Health Center?

    School-based health centers (SBHCs) are primary care health centers based in the schools. Most SBHCs provide a combination of primary health care, mental health care, dental health services, and nutrition and health education. 

    Bridgeport School-Based Health Centers operate as a partnership between the school and community health organizations - Optimus Health Care Inc. and Southwest Community Health Center Inc.
    Here at Columbus School, we have a partnership with Optimus Health Care Inc.



    Family Nurse Practitioners or Physician Assistant, Medical Assistants, Behavioral Health Provider, Dentists, and Dental hygienists.


    Services Provided:

    Medical/Behavioral Health Services:

    • Physical exams
    • Sports physicals
    • Diagnosis/treatment of minor illness and injuries
    • Management/treatment of asthma, diabetes, and other health concerns
    • Group and family counseling
    • Dental screenings, exams and cleanings
    • Health awareness programs
    • Immunization updates/Vaccines

    Your child can get a flu vaccine while at school if they are a member of the SBHC and if you have filled out a vaccine consent.
    Please call the clinic at (203)275-1918 
    if you would like a vaccine consent form sent home with your child.

    If your child is a distance learner, they can also come in to the SBHC to receive a flu shot as long as an appointment is made by calling (203)275-1918 and the child is accompanied by a guardian who can sign the consent form. Stay well!
    Click here to download the Influenza (Flu) Consent Form.

    How do children enroll in the SBHC?

     Only requirement – student must attend said school.

    • Retrieve an enrollment form from the school’s main office
    • Fill out an enrollment form in the school based health center office
    • Click HERE for consent form and additional information


    If a child has, or does not have insurance how is this handled at the schools?

    • A child is still eligible to enroll in the clinics
    • Neither the child nor their parent will be charged a co-pay for services rendered.
    • If the student does not have insurance, no charge for services rendered.
    • If the child and/or family are eligible for HUSKY or the market place staff is available to help with the enrollment process.


    Students learn better, when they show up for class.  SBHC brings the doctor’s office into the school and keeps students healthy and in class learning.

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