• "Start With Hello" Week at Park City Magnet

    PCM will be proudly hosting "Start With Hello" week, starting on September 24th, as a part of the Sandy Hook Promise.

    Start With Hello Week

    The Start With Hello Program, part of the Sandy Hook Promise is designed to help people feeling isolated and alone.  The idea is for each of us in our community to take it upon ourselves to simply say hello to one another and create more connected classrooms, schools and communities.  Each student will also receive Start With Hello bracelets, as a reminder to take the initiative and say hello to someone.

    From the Start With Hello brochure...

    "Start with Hello is a prevention program that teachers children and teens how to be more socially inclusive and connected to each other.  Start With Hello asks students, educators, parents and other community leaders who interact with children to take steps in class, the lunchroom and/or other times in their day to be inclusive and connected."

    For more information on Start With Hello from the Sandy Hook Promise, visit...

    The Start With Hello FAQ Page

    Start With Hello Resources

    Start With Hello Student Guide

    Start With Hello Parent Brochure

    Or email Paula Fynboh, Program Coordinator:  startwithhello@sandyhookpromise.org