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    I would like to inform you of the expectations and requirements for each High Horizons Magnet School student, so they may have a fit and successful school year in Physical Education class.


    The students will be involved in many different aspects of physical activity, such as movement, sports, physical fitness, and the Adventure Based-Learning program.  Swimming will be taught to grades 4and 5 throughout the school year.  Additional information will follow for swimming. 


    High Horizons P.E Days                                 

    Tuesdays- Grades Pre-K, K,1,4,6,8                   

    Thursdays- Grades 2,6, 5, 7                            

    Fridays- Grades 3,4,5                      


    Grades K-6 are required to wear or bring a pair of sneakers for P.E. classes.  Those students without sneakers will not be allowed to participate that day.


    In grades 7 and 8, each student is required to have appropriate attire for P.E. class.  Sneakers, shorts, sweat pants, warm-up pants, T-shirt, leggings, and sweatshirts are appropriate clothing for physical activity.  Jeans, khaki pants, corduroy pants, street pants, dresses and skirts are inappropriate.  Only school colors will be accepted. It is advised that students bring a lock to secure their personal belongings in the locker rooms.  The students will be responsible for locking their own personal items up.  The PE Staff is not responsible for holding student’s personal items.


    Any student failing to dress appropriately (unprepared) for P.E. class will not participate.  These students will be given a written assignment relating to the unit being covered in class.


    If a student is unprepared three times in a marking period, their grade will automatically drop one letter grade.  Any additional unprepared classes will result in another dropped letter grade. 


                                                    0-2 times unprepared = A

                                                    3 times unprepared =  B

                                                    4 times unprepared = C

                                                    5 times unprepared = D

                                                    6+ unprepared = F


    Participation, effort, and behavior will also be factored into the marking period grade.

    If a student is unable to fully participate in P.E., a Doctor’s note should be on file with the nurse and a copy should be given to the Physical Education teacher, describing what restrictions are to be followed and when that student is able to return to resuming physical activity.


    Good health and physical fitness are important to keep a sound body and mind.

    -Tim Tvardzik

    -Michael Terry

    -Danielle Gray