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    UA Team:

    This video is half of the unified arts staff. Ms. Brockway, Mr. Huydic, Ms. Thompson, and Ms. Marx

    UA Staff Part 1


    This video is the other half of the unified arts staff. Ms. Salvi, Ms. G, Mr. B , and Ms. Marron

    UA Staff Part 2


    Kindergarten Team:


    1st Grade Team:


    2nd Grade Team:


    3rd Grade Team:


    4th Grade Team:


    5th Grade Team:


    6th Grade Team:

    Welcome to 6th Grade this year! We are excited for this school year. Our goal is to begin the middle school journey together by empowering sixth graders to work hard and become more independent thinkers. 

    Three expectations for 6th Graders:

    1. Follow ROAR expectations at school.
    2. Try your best on all assignments and complete homework on time. 
    3. Attendance is important, we want you at school everyday. 

    Homework looks like:

    -Math packet weekly

    -Science and Social Studies current events 2 per week

    -ELA - Spelling and vocabulary nightly with reading and writing twice weekly

    Class Dojo

    All of our students are on Class Dojo to help motivate them with behavior incentives and rewards. It is also a great tool to communicate with parents in all languages. We will post upcoming events and important information for parents to know about. If you have not joined please do on the app or online. We can always reprint the invitation for you to join our class if you need, just ask your 6th grader. 


    Any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out! :-)


    7th Grade Team:


    8th Grade Team:


    ESL, SPED, Support Staff Team: