• Kindergarten Supply List 


    Velcro Shoes/Sneakers (no shoelaces) 

    Elastic Waist Pants/Skirts (no belts or buttons) 

    Water Bottle

    Uniform sweater or fleece 

    Change of clothing in bag 


    Headphones in a Ziplock with name printed 

    Plastic two-pocket folder 

    Dozen yellow, number two pencils.  

    Pencil pouch (no boxes - too bulky) 

    One box of markers 

    Four, black, dry-erase markers 

    One box crayons 

    Six glue sticks 

    Gallon Ziplock bags 

    Disinfectant wipes 

    Tissue box 

    Hand soap 

    Hand sanitizer 

    Lysol spray  

    Paper towel roll 

    Five-ounce cups  

    Paper plates 

    For Art Class: Dozen yellow, number two pencils.  Old, large t-shirt for art.  Baby wipes. 

    For Music Class: Yellow plastic folder (Write “Music,” student name, homeroom teacher name on front)