• WELCOME TO FIFTH GRADE !!! Did you know? Everyone has an opportunity to learn new things? That means that there are many things that we will learn together. I, Mrs. Krotki welcome you to 5th grade and hope to make this an enjoyable and exciting learning experience for each and every one of you! Did you hear? 5th Grade is a great year to learn about... analogies, similes, metaphors, structural analysis, locating and ordering fractions, decimals and whole numbers, and estimating and finding percents. It's a great time to learn about identifying independent and dependent variables, describing properties of matter, creating time lines, and describing how someone becomes a citizen of the United States. What a fun year it’s going to be… Communication is Key: In order to have a successful year, we all must communicate. Please feel free to send in a note if you have any questions or concerns throughout the year. Please include the most convenient way that you can be reached: telephone, email or written. 
    What we need to succeed... Each student should please bring in the following:
    ● One notebook for each subject  ● Pens-Blue or Black Ink ● Pencils-Math must be done in pencil so please have plenty. ● Erasers ● Pencil Sharpener ● Box of Tissues If you have difficulty obtaining these items, please let me know!
    Portfolio & Homework Folders will be distributed by teacher.   - M. Krotki