Ms. Duly

  • Welcome to First Grade!

    I am delighted to be teaching your children this year and look forward to many exciting learning experiences together. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at anytime at 203-275-2000. Academic Expectations Children are expected to reach a reading level of 6 at the end of the first marking period. At the end of the second marking period, children are expected to reach a level 12. At the end of the year, children are expected to achieve a level 18. If your child fails to reach the level 18, attending summer school is a possibility in order to be considered for second grade. Homework Folders Homework is a great way to build responsibility, independence, and organizational skills. Each night your child will bring home a pocket folder with that evening's assignments. Please review the contents of the folder with your child by: 1) Providing a quiet area to work and store materials. 2)Reminding your child to complete homework and by reviewing their homework together. 3)Signing their homework. This year your child will be bringing home "book bags" so they can practice reading and retelling stories with you. It is very important that the books are returned on Fridays with their reading log complete. I will send home three new books the following Monday. Wednesday Folders Every Wednesday a blue folder will be sent home with your child's tests and with important notices. Please review tests with your child and look over notices. Please sign all tests before you send them back the following day.

About Me

  • Ms. Duly is a teacher at Tisdale School.