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    September 1, 2020 

    Dear Parents/ Guardians:  

    Please note updates to the letter previously sent.  

     Elementary schools will reopen for in person learning 5 days a week for all studentsThe first week of school September 8th through September 11th are one session days - arrival starting at 8:40 AM and dismissal at 12:50 PM. Breakfast and lunch will be served; students may bring peanut free food from home. On full days, dismissal begins at 2:25 PMA change from last year, per Superintendent's announcement. 

    At dismissal, older siblings will be report to their younger child’s classroom and will be dismissed with that class. Students in grades K – 1 are dismissed through the Birdseye Doors; students in grades 2 –6 are dismissed through the Main Doors. Students will not be sent to cars, adults picking up students must physically retrieve the student from the teacher. 

    All classes will be live streamed. Students participating in-person and those participating in remote learning (distance learning) will receive the same daily lesson. Devices and consumable materials will be made available to students participating in remote learning. 

    Electronic devices and classroom materials for remote learners ONLY can be picked up Friday, September 4, 2020 between 9:00AM and 2:00 PM. Please come to the Main Entrance and a staff member will assist you. 

    If you would like to change your decision on the type of learning your child will receive, please call the school. A five-day notice is required for remote learners to become in-person learners and 24 hours’ notice for in-person learner to become a remote learner. 



    • Parents (and other visitors) will not be allowed into the school building unless scheduled to enter or required by law for a PPTAll visitors will be required to wear a face mask. All visitors to the school will be required to report to the Main Office to sign-in and provide name, contact phone number, arrival, and departure time.  
    • A supply list will be sent home by all teachers as the sharing of materials and resources in the classroom is discouraged.  
    • Teachers and students are required to wear face masks during the school day.  
    • The School Nurse will isolate sick students and contact parents for pick up when a child develops symptoms during the school day.  
    • In-person learners must leave the school grounds immediately at dismissal unless participating in the Lighthouse Program. 
    • Remote learners will follow the same schedule and times as in-person learners. At the beginning of the school day students must log into Teams – the District on-line platform on which the live streaming of classes will take place  
    • See the District’s Remote Learning Plan   
    • https://www.bridgeportedu.net/site/Default.aspx?PageID=15716  
    • Attendance will be taken daily 

    Parents please call the Main Office with updated email and phone contact information  

    If you need this letter translated, please contact the school at 203-275-2253. 


    Christine Morrone, Principal 


    Winter Weather    


    Winter Weather Protocol


    Dear Edison Families, in anticipation of the winter season and for the safety of all Edison School students we would like to remind you of a few important details. Due to lack of supervision and liability issues, only staff is allowed in the building before 8:40 AM. In inclement weather situations, we will still be unable to allow students in the building before 8:40 AM. Additionally, children should not be left in front of the building before the start of school without adult supervision. In the case of a delayed opening or early dismissal, please make sure you are up to date with local weather reports, phone blasts, text messages, and posts on Facebook.





                    Please be reminded of our dismissal procedures as we wish for this process to go as smoothly, quickly and safely as possible.

    ·      Kindergarten and first grade dismissal begins at 2:25. Students and their older siblings will dismiss at this time through the Birdseye Street doors.
    ·      All other students in grades 2-6 will dismiss at 2:27 through the main doors.

    ·      Students MUST inform their teacher before leaving their class line. Please do not take a child out of their class line without the teacher being informed.

    ·      In the event of inclement weather, students in grades K-1 will be dismissed from the Birdsey Street doorway and students in grades 2-6 will be dismissed from the front hallway.  Teachers will come to the main doors, see who is being picked up, and bring the child to the door. No parent is to enter the building at this time.

    ·      Parents must greet and meet their child on the school property and personally acknowledge the teacher. Children will not be allowed to walk unescorted to the sidewalk, road, or cars.

    ·      Please make sure whoever is picking your child up is on the emergency form. If the person is not recognized by the teacher, they may be asked to show a photo ID. If there are changes please ask your teacher for a new emergency form so it can be updated.
    Thank you for your help to ensure a safe dismissal process!
    Mrs. Morrone, Principal