• Core Values & Expectations

  • Statement of Core Values, Beliefs and Learning Expectations

    Adopted May 6, 2015

    The Bassick High School community shares the belief that all students can learn, and we are committed to building on their unique learning styles to help them develop the habits of mind necessary for post secondary success. We accept the responsibility to provide a safe, nurturing and collaborative environment where the voices of students, parents, staff and community are respected. We are dedicated to providing a diverse and challenging curriculum that piques our students' intellectual curiosity and encourages the creativity, innovation and the risk-taking necessary to succeed in today’s global economy. 

    Academic Expectations

    We expect our students to read and write on grade level, engage fully in and out of the classroom and demonstrate integrity when making academic choices.

    Civic Expectations

    We expect our students to foster citizenship in the school and in the local and global communities

    Social Expectations

    We expect our students to establish and maintain positive interpersonal relationships by demonstrating discernment, integrity and respect for individual cultural and racial diversity.