• Bullying Stops Here!

    Take The Challenge:

    For the next month, be willing to look fearlessly at the low-level bullying, gossiping, and exclusion we have allowed to become “normal” in our everyday lives. We have all played all 3 roles – bully, target, and primarily bystander. Track your progress for the month. Grab a notebook or a smartphone and keep a daily list of the negative opportunities you’ve passed by and, more importantly, the positive changes you are making. Post and share your stories by commenting below. We will all have successes and struggles.

    • Do not participate in the bullying, humiliation, or exclusion of any human being
    • Do not stand by and watch the bullying, humiliation, or exclusion of others. Stand up in groups to protect one another
    • Commit to re-establishing respect for yourself and for others (because all bullying comes from lack of respect – for yourself and others)
    • We don’t have to love everybody or be everybody’s best friend
    • We must treat everybody with dignity & respect, even & especially in the face of conflict
    • Working together, we can create a huge amount of change starting in 3 months.

    Change takes time and effort, but we can prevail.