• In accordance with the Bridgeport Public School Uniform Policy, please read below:

    All students in grades PK-12 will wear mandatory uniforms every school day. Any student transferring into the Bridgeport School District from another school district during the course of the school year will be allowed a seven (7) day grace period during which students will not be disciplined for failing to wear the mandatory uniform. The mandatory school uniform includes:

    • Pants or shorts, dress or docker style: dark blue or beige/khaki (no jeans)

    • Skirts, jumpers or skorts (should be knee level or longer): dark blue or beige/khaki

    • Shirts: blue, yellow, or white collared polo shirt or dress shirt (long or short sleeved).

    • Sweatshirt/sweaters: pullover, zippered or cardigan, in solid colors specific to the school, without hoods, designs, or wording.

    • Shoes/sneakers/appropriate everyday boots; no sandals, flip flops, slides, Crocs, or slippers.

    • Physical Education Day Attire: Students may wear sweatpants/shirts to school on scheduled physical education days. School-approved tee shirts and shorts are permitted.

    To ensure the security, safety, and educational interests of the schools, the following may not be worn in school: coats designed for outdoor wear, halters or bare midriff, headwear, head/face coverings, transparent clothing, pants with visible undergarments, or any non-prescription eyewear.

    School personnel should ensure that all students adhere to the School Uniform Policy. When a student fails to comply with the school uniform policy, the following discipline procedures will apply:

    • First Offense: Consultation with parent/guardian
    • Second Offense: Verbal warning and notification to parent/guardian
    • Third and Subsequent Offense: Referral to administration