• Black Rock Elementary School is located in one of the historic sections of Bridgeport, CT. The first public Black Rock School was built in 1841 and was located at the intersection of Grovers Avenue and Black Rock Avenue. It was a one-room structure heated by a Franklin Stove. 

    In later years, the Franklin Stove was replaced with a pot-bellied stove. The students sat on planked benches. These benches were drawn closer to the stove on cold, winter days. It was customary at that time to have two-door entrances - one for the boys and one for the girls. The second public Black Rock School was built circa 1865 at the intersection of Brewster Street and Grovers Avenue. It was a two-story brown frame building with a belfry. Originally, all eight grades were taught there, four grades on each floor. An annual event was all grades posing for their school pictures. The present Black Rock School site was built in 1905. In 1911, a wing was added to accommodate the growing number of students.

    For many years, it was customary for elementary schools to have a fife and drum corps. Black Rock School was the first school in Bridgeport to have a band consisting of numerous brass and percussion instruments. After a fire damaged the school, it was renovated and a rededication program was held on May 13, 1977. Subsequently, Black Rock School was renovated again, which brought the school up to present-day standards and high technology usage for the school population. The rededication program was held on October 24, 1993. 

    In 2015, a new wing was completed, including eight new state-of-the-art classrooms for kindergarten and first grade. There are computers in every classroom and WiFi throughout the building. Classrooms are equipped with Promethean board technology and each student has a district-provided device to use in school and at home. Black Rock School is now a Pre-K-8 elementary school that is warm and inviting with a hum of learning throughout the building.