Ms. Gini Crisanti


  • All students must BRING A PENCIL

Meet Ms. Crisanti, BS Art ED., MS ED Tech

  • The number one skill requested by 21st Century employers is creativity. I have studied both Art and Technology to enable me to prepare my students for their future. I am Certified by the State of CT to teach Art Pre K -12 and have been teaching Pre K through 8th grade Visual Art in the Bridgeport School District over 12 years. Starting at Curiale in 2001 as a traveling Art teacher I taught in Columbus, Webster, Skane, Longfellow Annex and am currently working full time at Cesar Batalla. I am a wife, mother and grandmother. I grew up in a home, along with my brother and sister and thirty-seven foster children were nutured and taught about life and the value of education. Sharing my home and my parents gave me insight into some of the situtations my studentsmay face. I believe it has made me a better educator. I maintain high expectations for my students and their continued growth in my classroom. Every student is encouraged to stretch their imagination, do their personal best and refine their skills in Art.

Pre K - 3rd grade

  • Student Artists in Pre K - 3rd grade will be learning new skills and how to use tools and materials to express themselves through their Art.. We will explore Art, culture, history and Art vocabulary.

    They will learn about organization, responsibility for themselves and their work, care and use of tools and materials in a studio setting. They will use their Art to express their world as they understand it. Feel free to contact me to set up an appointment to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Teaching is a team sport and parents are an integral part of that team. It is important that we as adults talk to our children about their Art to allow them to explore their opinions and views of the world. Support your child's development by keeping Art supplies available to them in their home. Practice develops both their skills and their view of the world. I believe ALL CHILDREN CAN CREATE!

Studio Habits of Mind

4th - 8th grade

  • Students in 4th - 8th grade will explore Art in a studio setting where they can learn and apply the Studio Habits of Mind.

    I include technology in my classroom as an essential part of researching materials and methods for creating Art. Students will use their Language Art skills to read, follow written directions and write about their Art and the Art of others, use Math skills, relate history and culture to themes in Art, learn about science and Art and employ music to create a mood for making Art.