Mission Statement: 

    Park City Magnet School will provide a student centered learning community where students are empowered to Lead, Achieve, and Succeed to their maximum potential in an academically challenging and social emotionally safe environment.

     We are committed to the following goals;

    1. Students will achieve the foundational skills necessary for success in reading and mathematics.

    2. Preparing culturally responsible and inclusive citizens who respect the core values of respect, empathy,   compassion...

    3. Engaging in continuous professional development opportunities to further strengthen instructional     practices to meet the evolving needs of our students.

    4. Families and community memebers serve as partners in the educational process and provide key    perspectives into each child's unique talents and skills.


    Vision Statement:

    Park City Magnet School will prepare college and career ready graduates who employ their full potential to contribute both productively and positively to our evolving global society.