• Waltersville Cross Country Team
  • Waltersville Girls Cross Country Team!!! Coaches: Ms. Kristina Comeau-Ramos and Ms. Siobhan Russell. Our goal is to get girls up off the couch and into sneakers to develop good health, Self-esteem and improve school performance.
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    Ms. Russell, Ashley, and Ms. Ramos at Walk for Leukemia. The team sponsored a schoolwide walk to raise money for Leukemia.
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    Cross Country Team runs in the Thanksgiving Day Commadore Hull Shelton/Derby Race!!
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    Our Fifth Grade Girls!
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    Ms. Ramos and son Noah Run the race. (He beat her) hehe.
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    Krystal and her sister!! Great family support. Thank you to all the families who came out to support us and encourage the girls to be their best and not give up!!!
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    Ms. Russell stretches before the race.
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    Last year for the eighth grade girls. Good luck in High School. Join the high school team and Come back to run.