Governor Cross Signing Document
    Cross was named for Governor Wilbur Lucius Cross, (1931-1939) the 86th Governor of Connecticut, Wilbur Lucius Cross (1862-1948) was an American educator and public official. He was born in Mansfield, Conn. He graduated from Yale University with a B.A. in 1885 and a PhD in 1889.
    He was an instructor of English from 1894 to 1897. He was an assistant professor of English from 1897 to 1902 and a professor of English from 1902 to 1930 at Yale. He later became dean from 1916 to 1930 of the graduate school. Cross became well known as a literary critic. He edited the Yale Review for almost 30 years, and was the author of The Life and Times of Laurence Sterne (1909), The History of Henry Fielding (1918), and many other books. After he retired in 1930 from Yale he turned to politics. As Democratic governor of Connecticut (1931-39), he brought about much reform legislation. He abolishes the use of child labor. He was instrumental in governmental reorganization. He worked hard to improve factory laws.
    The cornerstone of Wilbur Cross was laid May, 1959. The total cost was $1,588,133. At that time Wilbur Cross was built with the highest quality materials. The builder installed terrazzo floors and a glazed surface concrete block wainscoting 6 feet, four inches high. In the corridors, ceramic tile was installed from floor to ceiling.
  • Governor Wilbur Lucius Cross, signing a bill.
  • 9164/p2664822_13832.jpg

    Reservoir Ave. near Wilbur Cross School in 1959-1961 school year. (Student's are on their way home to get their lunches.)
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    Wilbur Cross School: 1959-1960 School year.
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    Wilbur Cross School, 1960
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    Wilbur Cross Gym in 1960
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    Technology Room: 1959
  • 9164/p208283191_13862.jpg

    Technology Room: 1959
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    Family and Consumer Science
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    Today this room is Family and Consumer Science. In 1959 this room was called the Home Economic Room.
  • 9164/p989179724_13865.jpg

    Room 103, 1959
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    In 1960 this room was the Library, today it is room 101 the Kindergarten Room.