• Dear Barnum School parents and community members:


     I am so very excited to be at Barnum School as the new principal.  I expect great things for our students both academically, socially and emotionally. As we start the 2018 I would like to share a few helpful hints:


    Backpacks are a great way for your child to carry his or her books to and from school. However, an overweight backpack can cause muscle strain and injuries as well as distort your child’s posture. A loaded backpack should not weigh more that one fifth of your child’s weight. The pack’s shoulder straps should be wide and padded. The pack should always be carried using both straps.


    Critical information about your child should be updated at any time during the school year. Be sure to send updated health and emergency contact forms including cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses.


    Special heath needs such as asthma or food allergies should be brought to the attention of school staff immediately. Please be certain to let our school nurse and your child’s teachers know of any changes.


    Preview the day for your child. Every child thrives on routine, especially younger children and children with special needs. It can help your child to feel more secure if you review your child’s schedule: when the school day starts and ends, lunch and snack times, etc., as well as where you are during the day.


    Study and TV time should be agreed to and adhered to during the school week. Your child needs a quiet place free from distractions for studying and doing homework. Homework should be separated from TV time and the TV should not be in the room where homework is being done.


    Sleep, or the lack of sleep, can greatly affect your child’s performance in school. Pediatricians recommend that children ages 5 to 9 need 10 to 11 hours of sleep a night and those ages 10 to 14 need 9 to 10 hours a night.


    Please keep in mind that all of us at Barnum School are available to assist you. 


    Mrs. Marshall