Edison School was built in 1932 and named after Thomas Alva Edison who invented the lightbulb. The superintendent at the time was Worcester Warren and the principal was Bessie Jacobs with an enrollment of 300 students and eight classrooms. Edison is situated on high ground and commands an impressive view of the rest of the city.
    In 1941 they wanted to bus students from Edison to Summerfield, but Mr. Young, who then was superintendent, and the Board of Education did not have enough funds to pay for transportation and at the point, they were granted $100,000 for an eight room addition to meet overcrowded conditions. Seventy older students were transferred to Hall and Summerfield. They walked to classes. They had to wait for approval from federal government officials for a grant to pay for the transport costs for 100 more students. Public Purchases awarded a contract to Chestnut Bus Company to a cost of $25.00 a day for a seating capacity of 50 students each. The approval was denied. Three teachers were added to handle the double daily sessions. The Students in first and second grades attended classes from 8:15 to 11:45, while the remaining had classes from 12:15 to 3:00.
    In 1942, Miss Dorsey became principal and 232 students attended their first session at the new Edison School. The new building with eight rooms provided the overflow from Hall and Summerfield. Miss Dorsey was formerly a teacher at Columbus School. The teachers assigned to the New Edison School were Loretta O'Connor,Isabel Hockheimer,May Carley, Lilyan Hoberman, Evelyn Spencer, May McKeown and Elizabeth Brandurich. Students entering into their new classrooms were very delighted at their new surroundings. Miss Dorsey noticed the alertness in the pupils. Every student entering the building has a smarter look and eagerness about their work ahead of them. Miss Dorsey felt that in their new surroundings, they would show a livelier interest in their studies.
    In 1942, Jasper McLevy was mayor and the Board of Education members were: Francine P. Dunigan, President; Lloyd R. Wheeler, Vice -President; James Tate Secretary; James S Neil, Benjamin A. Todfield, Edwin J. Behuncik, and, Michael J. Sicilian. Joseph A Weiman was the Supervising Engineer, Tobe Vece, architect; and E&F Construction Co.,were the builders. Former principals were: Besse Jacobs, Lois Lane, Rudy Trankovich, Joan Nobriega, Steve Bolgash, Robin Ives, Mrs. Valerie Huydic, Dr. Dudley,  Mrs.Donna Falat-Rosenbloom, and Miss Jacqueline Simmons, Mrs. Walker-Jones. Currently, our school is headed by Mrs. Christine Morrone!