• 3rd Grade



    Welcome to Edison School  Grade 3

    Mr. Cormier 203


    I am pleased and excited to be your child’s teacher this year. With your support and involvement in your child’s education you most certainly can “Expect Great Things” for your child this year. One of the missions of Edison School to proved a nurturing, caring and a safe learning environment for all of its students.

    I would like to extend an open invitation to all parents to become an active partnership in your child’s learning. If you can volunteer to be a room mom or dad, I welcome you with open arms.



    Discipline Plan for Room 203

    Classroom Rules

    §        Be responsible, be respectful and be safe.

    §        Come to school everyday when you are not ill.

    §        Be on time, prepared with the needed materials for the day and ready to work.

    §        Homework is to be completed and turned in daily.

    §        All cell phones and electronic devices are not permitted.

    §        Be nice and try hard






    §        Verbal warning

    §        Review with the student, his or her signed contractual behavior agreement.

    §        Student will be given a PBS behavior modification form to complete.

    §        In the case of severe discipline disruption, student may be addressed by the principal and could possibly receive an in school suspension.

    §         PBS help students to accept responsibility for their behavior.

    §        Students can receive Eagle Earning for positive behavior.

    §        Students will receive praises and rewards for doing, saying and making  the right things happen.

    §        Students can be selected to attend the student of the month breakfast.





    I have read the above discipline plan for room 203

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