September 1, 2017


    Dear Edison Families,

                Hello and welcome to Edison School!  My name is Mr. Sharkey.  This year will be exciting and challenging.  We will continue to work on reading fluently, but expand our reading across the content areas.  In social studies we will learn a great deal about the 50 United States and some specifics about Connecticut.  In science we will study the rainforest and magnets.  In math we will expand our knowledge of place value, multiplication, division, and word problems, while adding in some work with decimals.  Our writing will contain narrative pieces, and we will also focus on editing and revising work. 

                As far as supplies are concerned, each child must have a homework folder, a reading journal for nightly reading assignments, and pencils.  Things that are helpful but not mandatory include crayons, scissors, glue, and tissue boxes!

                Homework will begin on Tuesday, September 6.  Each night your child will be responsible for a math assignment and a reading journal response.  Homework is posted on the classroom chalkboard each day. 

                Please be sure that your child wears the school uniform every day.  Also, please note that we have Physical Education.  Students should dress accordingly on those days.

                We look forward to working with you and your child this year.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.    Welcome back!





                                                                                        Mr. Sharkey 







     Dear Parents/Guardians,


         We would like to welcome you to Edison School, fourth grade. We look forward to having a very successful and productive year. In order to ensure every child's success we will need your cooperation at home. Therefore, we would like to make you aware of the following district and school policies.


    • 3 tardies equals 1 absence

    • Your child must bring in a note after an absence.


    • Honor Roll= All A's and B's

      3's and 4's in conduct/citizenship/work habits

      Achieve appropriate reading level

    • Make sure your child comes to school prepared: pencils, homework, notes.

    • Discuss with your child how important it is to maintain proper behavior and good     

       work habits.


    • In the morning, please wait outside on playground, NOT in school.

     • After school, please wait for your child on the back playground.

    • Check your child's homework folder for school notices.

    • Your child must bring in a note if he/she is walking home alone.

    Thank you,


    Mr. Sharkey,

    Edison School Teacher