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     Dear Parents and children,

    Welcome to Kindergarten!We would like to introduce ourselves to you: My nme is Mrs. Homich, I am  going to be your child’s teacher this school year. I have a short list of housekeeping rules for our class, and they are as follows:

    1. Children may bring in a snack everyday, if you choose to send one in. Please no candy or soda, we encourage only healthy snacks.

    2. Children will have homework every night, it must be returned the next morning.

    3. Children do not need to have any school supplies.

    4. Children must report to the back playground and stand on number 102 in the morning and they will be dismissed from there at the end of the day.

    5. School uniforms must be worn every day.

    More information will follow. If you have any questions please call the school (275-2253) or stop in to see us. Sincerely, Mrs. Homich (Ms. H.)


    For Incoming Students!!!! 

    Dear Kindergarten Families, Welcome to Edison School! We are glad to have you join our classroom. It is going to be an exciting year and we are looking forward to sharing it with your child. The following is some information to help make the transition into kindergarten a smooth one for your son or daughter.

    2. DO NOT leave your child at school unattended. I will come out to pick them up every morning. Please do not bring them into the classroom. We need time to set up the day's activities. (During inclement weather students will be allowed to wait in the cafeteria.)1. Please drop your child off in back of the school by 8:30 a.m. Encourage your child to attend daily. Our kindergartners accomplish a lot in a day. Your child being absent for even one day could limit their academic progress. Please be aware that 3 tardies to school = 1 absence. If your child is absent from school a note is required for the absence to be excused.

    3. Dismissal is at 3:10 p.m. promptly. If you can not be there on time, make other arrangements for your child to be picked up. Also, please do not pick up your child early as it is disruptive to instruction. If an emergency occurs and you need to pull your child out of class prior to dismissal, you must go up to the office to sign them out. The office will call our classroom and we will walk your child up to you.

    4. Please do not allow your child to bring in small toys or objects to school. Sharing toys from home can be difficult for this age and it is also very disruptive to the class.

    5. Every child needs a backpack. No other school supplies are needed. Please check your child's backpack daily. All important notices and homework will be sent in his/her folder. If your child's homework folder is torn or lost please replace it with another of your choice.

    6. Have your child dress in their uniforms daily. Some days they will be painting, coloring, using play-doh etc. Please send an oversized T-shirt for them to wear over their uniforms during these activities. We can store them in their cubbies until they are needed.

    7. For Gym: Please make sure they wear sneakers and comfortable clothing on these days.

    8. Please be aware that the Kindergarten curriculum and objectives have changed dramatically over the years.  If you have any questions/concerns please feel free to call us at 275-2253. We are looking forward to a wonderful school year!


          Mrs. Homich