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       4th Grade Classrooms


     Dear Parents:


    ·        Welcome Back! I’m thrilled to be teaching your child this year and am looking forward to working with you and your family!  We are going to have a great year together! 

    ·        Always feel free to contact me with any concerns you have throughout the year or if you are interested in volunteering in the classroom. We are always looking for an extra pair of hands for activities, to share a book, or just to come spend time in our class.     

                                                           ·        School Supplies

                 A backpack 

                Plenty of number 2 pencils with erasers 

                Blue or black erasable pens 

               Red or colored pen  

              6 single subject notebooks

              3 folders

              3 book socks/book covers

               pencil case/box

         student scissors

         glue or glue sticks

      colored pencils/markers

        Hand sanitizer



             any electronic gadgets (DS, cell phones, I-pods, MP3’s, etc.), toys, trading cards, or hand held pencil sharpeners. 

                    No gum, peanuts, peanut butter and sunflower seeds allowed! 


    Thank you for your anticipated cooperation!!








    Dear Parents,


    Welcome to Edison School!  I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to my 4th grade class.  As your child’s teacher, I am dedicated to providing a positive learning environment that will meet the needs of each of my students, and allow him or her to reach their potential.


    I know that we will have a great year and that we will both be very proud of your child’s accomplishments and academic growth.  Your child and I both need you to be an ACTIVE participant in their learning process throughout the school year.


    Breakfast is served daily in class from 8:45 to 9:00 am.  The school day begins at 8:40 am and dismissal time is at 3:10 pm.  In the morning our class will line up in the back playground area.  PLEASE COME TO SCHOOL ON TIME!!!  Dismissal is at 3:10 pm. 


    *Please do not allow you child to bring the following to school:

    any electronic gadgets (gameboys, cell phones, walkie talkies, etc.), toys, trading cards, or hand held pencil sharpeners.


    THANK YOU FOR YOUR ANTICIPATED AND GREATLY APPRECIATED COOPERATION AND SUPPORT THIS YEAR!!!!!  Come and visit us anytime.  I am here before school and after school if you need to speak to me about any concerns you might have.



     Feel free to call and leave a message with the secretary at 275-2253.  I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.





     Ms. Venable







    Dear Parents,


    I have incorporated into my 4th grade program the use of a daily “homework sheet.”   (see attached)

    Each day, your child will copy his/her homework from our designated homework board.  (which is on the board throughout the school day)


    Before dismissal, I will collect and sign each homework sheet only after ALL the assignments have been copied correctly.  When your child arrives home, PLEASE ask to see his/her homework sheet.  Once the assignments are completed, please sign your name under my signature for that day.  If you do not see my signature, the sheet was not seen by me and/or the assignments were not copied correctly and completely.


    I have found that the parents truly appreciate these sheets as a tool to monitor their child’s study habits and sense of responsibility.  You will also see that I will use this homework sheet to write notes home to you to keep you informed of any missed or incomplete assignments.  I will also let you know of any positive experiences your child had in the classroom that day.  FEEL FREE to write notes to me as well!!!


    HOMEWORK not only reinforces classwork, but it brings home and school together.  It develops student initiative and a sense of responsibility.  As a PARENT, I ask that you TRY to provide your child with a suitable study area, a daily homework time, help when needed, and praise for a job well done!







    Fourth Grade Procedures

    Room 202   


    Entering the Classroom

    1.    Enter the classroom quietly.

    2.    Take everything out of your backpack.

    3.    Hang up your backpack and coat.

    4.    Place all homework in the homework tray.

    5.    Sit down and do assignment on the board.


    Coming to Attention

    1.    When the teacher raises her hand, there needs to be complete silence in the room.

    2.    Look at the teacher.

    3.    Listen for directions


    Moving Around the School

    1.    Line up quietly when you are called.

    2.    Face forward in line.

    3.    Keep hands and feet to yourself.

    4.    Walk silently through the halls.


    Heading Your Paper

    1.    Always write your full name on the left side of the first line.

    2.    Write the date on the right side of the first line.

    3.    Always use your best handwriting on all assignments.


    Working in Teams

    1.    The teacher will assign teams.

    2.    Each student in a team will have an assigned job to do.

    3.    If you have a question, ask your team for support.

    4.    Everyone helps the team.

    5.    If the team cannot answer the question, one person from the team raises their hand.

    6.    Some assignments will be graded as a team and other times you will receive an individual grade.  You will always be told in advance.

    When You Finish Work Early

    1.    Put your finished assignment in the work completed tray.

    2.    Finish any other assignments that are incomplete.

    3.    Quietly take out a book and read.

    4.    On certain days you will work at centers.  You will always know in advance what they are.

    5.    Please work quietly while others finish their assignments.


    When You Are Absent

    1.    Check your mailbox for any missed assignments.

    2.    Hand in the assignment the next day unless you are absent for more than one day.

    3.    Ask your buddy for help.

    4.    If you miss a test ask the teacher for a make up date.


    Dismissal From Class

    1.    Sit in your seat until the teacher asks you to get up.

    2.    The teacher will ask you to gather materials to take home

    3.    Wait for the teacher to call you to get your backpack and coat.

    4.    Pack your backpack and sit in your seat quietly.

    5.    The teacher will dismiss you, not the bell.



    Edison’s Golden Rules

    ·       Be Respectful

    ·       Be Responsible

    ·        Be Safe



    I have read and will follow all of the above-mentioned procedures in 4th grade.


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    Student signature                                                 Date


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    Witness signature (parent/guardian)           Date