Ms. Soltis                    Edison School  Grade 6                                    2019-2020



    Dear Parents and Guardians,


             Welcome to Sixth Grade! I am looking forward to a year of hard work and excellent achievement for each student in our class. This is a letter that tells of School Expectations for this year.



    Absences and Tardies


    If your child is absent or tardy (arriving in class at or after 8:50am), you must send a note to school, explaining the cause. Three tardies will be treated as one absence.


    Drop off/ Pick up


    Children should be lined up on the playground at 8:30 am so Ms. Soltis can escort them into the classroom. Parents are welcome to wait with them there. On rainy or very cold mornings, all children will go to the cafeteria. Breakfast will be served in our classroom.


    Children may be picked up at 3:10 pm on the school grounds. Please do not come to the classroom door or wait at the foot of the stairs and expect to take your child from the line.

    Dismissal will go more smoothly and quickly if you help our class by waiting patiently outside.


    It is very disruptive to the end of day routines to have parents get their children early on a regular basis. Only in emergencies should you report to the office to get your child early. I will send your child upstairs ready to go.


    Mail From School


    Your child's book bag is the "mailman." Check the book bag daily for notices and daily homework. After homework is done, make sure homework, in the homework folder, and pencils and erasers are in the book bag, ready for the following day.








    Every day your child should have with him or her: at least two sharpened pencils, a big fat eraser and a folder in which there is homework that has been done, or is to be done. The folder should be handed in with the work in it. Children may have their own crayons as long as they are used responsibly.


    If you bought your child scissors, glue, pens, markers or staplers, keep them at home to do homework or independent writing there. The school has these supplies, and I want them used only when needed.



    NO NO's


    Girls: make-up, including Chap Stick, jewelry which is played with instead of worn, money

    Boys: toy guns, jewelry which is played with instead of worn, money


    Both: toys, snacks (except for lunch - to be kept in book bag), electronic devices


    Write to me if…


    If you have any questions or things that you wish me to know, I am available before school or after to speak with you or make an appointment for a meeting. If your child has any medical conditions that the school should know of, please write to me immediately. If ways of going home change, please send your child to school with a note explaining the change.




    Mrs. Soltis