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    April 2019 Meeting Minutes



    Attendees: Ms. Munoz, Ms. James, Ms. Venable, Mr. Veccharelli, Mrs. Gladys Hawley, and Mrs. Homich.


    At this meeting the following topics were discussed at length:


    - School Climate


    -Attendance Matters in Bridgeport!


    -District Budget will effect us!


    - Community Forums


    -Stomping the Pavement fro our Kids


    -Staff Morale is High!


    -Parent and Community Involvement "Keep Edison Open"


    -Push the Parent Portal for End of Year Grades


    • Lighthouse End Of Year Surveys!


    -SEL / RULER during Field Day


    • We Won the Math Contest! Congrats are in Order!


    -Closing. Be WELL! 


    Si necesita que esta carta sea interpretada o transcrita en su idioma natal, por favor avise a la escuela immediatamente para que podamos ayudar.  Gracias