• Business, School and Community Partnerships 2019-2020

    We are sincerely grateful to all our partners who enrich the lives and education of thousands of Bridgeport students in many unique and significant ways.


    Edison School Bridgeport, CT: The Trumbull Rotary Club provided subscriptions to Time for Kids magazines for scholars in grades kindergarten through six.  Several Rotarians have become readers to classrooms on a regular basis, and a representative from Rotary participated in our Open House in September with the aim of helping build financial literacy.   The Rotary Club through its President also assisted our efforts by sending a sound engineer to our school one evening, in order to assess and address our challenges with our amplification system in the available program space (cafeteria).  Warren Harding High School,  a new and growing partnership established this year, had 2 volunteers during the first half of the school year provide direct support to the main office staff and to scholars in our after-school Lighthouse Program.  The volunteers assisted with creating a safety tool to help with accountability during school evacuations.  The WHHS Print Shop, under the leadership of Doc Coombs, supported our school wide rollout of the RULER program by producing colored copies for our family and school community events.  A large number of WHHS students came to Edison to read to our Kindergarten scholars.  Their day began with leading our entire school along with two 5th grade male scholars in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Great job!  The Mellen Foundation provided our school with new casual wear.  Many of the items helped to support Big Brothers and families in the community.  People’s Securities helped to open our school with school supplies including book bags which were provided directly to classrooms, and many school items helped to provide much needed inventory for our mobile PBIS store.  Jones & Jones Construction helped with the overdue makeover that included the opening of our new administrative office suite on the main level of our school building as opposed to the former location on the second level and the principal’s office on the third level.  Both former locations were very restrictive in size and not welcoming.  League of Urban Gentlemen (LUG) came by one morning to welcome all of our scholars on the Harvey St. side of the school.  The distinguished gentlemen which included Sen. Edward Gomes and one of our dads, Mr. Lonnie Spaulding, encouraged our scholars to do well in school.  Mr. Spaulding also participated in our Black History Read-Aloud.  Edgewell (formerly known as Schick)has 2 volunteer readers come to Edison Elementary School on a weekly basis.  The company funds and supports literacy through the special “Lunch Bunch” with scholars (criteria aligns with our PBIS – school wide behavior expectations and positive school climate efforts).  The volunteers engage our scholars in conversation in an effort to develop and build relationships.  They also enhance the time spent, with books.  Volunteers vary their strategy and enjoy shared and interactive reading with our kids.  Moving forward, we will link the readings to RULER and other social-emotional development in order to continually work collaboratively to promote a positive learning and teaching environment for all.  Chipotle enhanced our food and fun with donations of delicious burritos, chips, salsa and guacamole for our Mother and Son social, “You’re One in a Minion”, in May 2016; Our Father and Daughter dance, “You’re the Most Beautiful Girl in the World” (Tribute to Prince, the artist), in June 2016; and they were tapped to close out our school year with a tasty luncheon of sides for our staff.  Macy’s provided high-end fragrances to help offset some of our expenses for our Mother and Son social and our Father and Daughter dance.    Edison Elementary School is honored to have the support of so many people, many of whom are not included in this partnership report.  We thank you all for your time and resources. 






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