What is PBIS?  



    The PBIS system provides a school-wide foundation that supports in promoting and recognizing positive and appropriate behavior in all students.

    PBIS helps create and maintain a safe and positive learning environment for all of our students.


    The three "school wide" expectations at Edison School are:



    1.      Be Responsible

    2.     Be Respectful

    3.     Be Safe


    What can parents do?  

    Ø      Review the expectations for positive behavior with your child each day before they leave for school

    Ø      Encourage your child to give you examples of ways in which they followed the expectations during the school day

    Ø      Ask your child if he/she earned an Eagle Merit today.  

    Ø      Reinforce the practice of the golden rules: Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Safe at home.  

    We appreciate your continued cooperation and support in promoting positive learning environments for all of our students.


    Edison School

    Positive Behavior Support  







    The mission of Edison School is to nurture, instruct and scaffold each student to the best of our ability by providing each student with appropriate learning tasks within the framework of a challenging curriculum. We will continue to build a sound academic foundation to better prepare our students to graduate high school college ready and to succeed in life.



    Edison Eagle Earnings


    Students displaying appropriate behavioral skills and following one or more of the school-wide expectations will be recognized through verbal praise and Eagle Earnings which may be turned in for items in our Edison School store in addition to individual and class rewards.


    Behavior Matrix

     The Edison School behavior matrix outlines the golden rules and how these should be followed in various places in the school. 


    Edison School



    Morning Line







    Be Responsible

    * Be on Time

    * Report to assigned area

    * Stay in your line until your teacher arrives

    *Walk in a single file line

    *Stay on the right side of the hallway

    *Face forward

    *Keep the bathroom clean


    *Be quick

    *Walk to and from the cafeteria with your class

    *Stay in your seat

    *Clean up after yourself

    *Ask an adult for permission to leave the room

    *Take turns

    *Share the equipment

    *Put equipment away when done playing

    *Ask an adult for permission to leave


    Be Respectful

    *Use appropriate words

    *Keep your hands and feet to yourself

    *Listen to all adult directions

    *Use a whisper voice

    *Keep your hands and feet to yourself

    *Keep hands off bulletin boards

    *Give privacy to others

    *Use soft voices

    *Keep your hands and feet to yourself

    *Wait your turn in line

    *Use indoor voices

    *Keep your hands and feet to yourself

    *Listen to all adult directions

    *Use appropriate words

    *Be a good sport

    *Listen to all adult directions


    Be Safe

    *Walk, don’t run

    *Leave all balls at home

    *Stay on the playground

    *Walk, don’t run

    *Listen to all adult directions

    *Leave outside doors closed

    *Wash hands with soap and water

    *Water stays in sink

    *Eat only your own food


    *Walk to and from the playground with your class

    *Use the equipment correctly

    *Keep your hands and feet to yourself

    *Stay in the playground area