• Principal's Message

    Dear Parents/ Guardians:   

    I am honored to welcome families back to Luis Muñoz Marín School as the Interim Principal.  As many of you know, I have served as the Assistant Principal since 2014. I am deeply rooted in the Marin community and our mission of cultivating life-long learners who will be prepared for success in our global society.  I am excited and humbled by this opportunity to lead such a dedicated staff who has the most precious responsibility of educating your children.  Joining the Marin Administrative Team is Ms. Nekita Carroll-Hall and Dr. Aneury Morales who both bring a wealth of knowledge to Marin.   

    This year we will be using phone blasts, our school website, school memos, and the Marin Facebook page to keep you informed of all that is happening in the school. Please update your phone numbers when necessary and follow us on FB at Marin School Bridgeport and visit the Luis Muñoz Marin website at http://bridgeportedu.net/marin for important information and updates.   

    Bridgeport Public Schools Reopening Plan:  Fall 2020 can be found on the District’s website.  Marin School’s Reopening Plan: Fall 2020 has been created in alignment with their BOE Reopening Plan and CSDE guidelines. The following are some important highlights:  

    • The first day of school is September 8th a one-session day; arrival is at 8:40, dismissal is 12:50, breakfast and lunch will be served. The second day of school is September 9th a full day.  

    • If parents change their minds on which capacity, they would like their child to attend school, one week's prior notice is asked in order to make accommodations.

    • Restricted access to the building is in place. Visitors will not be allowed into the school building unless scheduled or required by law for a PPT.   All visitors must wear a face mask, sign into the main office with a full name, phone number, and arrival and departure time.  

    • Students will be placed in cohorts, classes will be lived streamed, sharing of materials is discouraged, students are only to bring materials required by the classroom teachers, mask breaks will be scheduled throughout the day, all staff are required to wear face masks.  

    • The nurse will isolate sick students and contact parents for pick up when a child develops symptoms.  If contact tracing is necessary, the Superintendent will be notified, and further information and guidelines will be mandated by his office.  

    • It is important that we all take responsibility for our role in keeping everyone safe.   

    • Remote learners are responsible to:  

    • Log into Teams each day at 8:40 until 3:10  

    • Attendance will be taken from 8:50-9:00   

    • Be dressed appropriately for school  

    • Complete and participate in all assignments  

    • Follow all procedures and instructions from the teacher  

    • Adhere to the Bridgeport Code of Conduct  

    Remote learners' parents are responsible to:  

    • Establish a daily school routine for students  

    • Monitor student’s on-line activity and progress  with all school assignments  

    • Provide the school with updated emails and phone numbers when needed  

    In school students are responsible to:  

    • Wear face mask while in school   

    • Wash hands often  

    • Maintain social distancing  

    • Arrive to school on time at 8:40 and leave the school grounds at once at dismissal  

    • Follow all procedures and expectations  

    Parents sending students to school are responsible to:   

    • Check student’s temperature each day and keep the student home if a temperature over 100.4 degrees  

    • Send student to school wearing face mask  

    • Follow all procedures put in place to keep everyone safe  

    • Check the school website, FB page and listen to phone blasts for updates  

    • Contact the school with any concerns.  

    Please plan on attending a virtual Meet and Greet on August 31st from 10:00 to 11:00.  This will be scheduled on Teams by your child’s/children’s homeroom teacher.   At this time, further information will be provided regarding arrival, dismissal, and technology.