Dear Parents, Grandparents, RULER Implementation Teams, School Leader, and Friends,


    It’s possible that we didn’t give people enough lead time, or maybe the timing was just bad for many of you, but we didn’t have enough people coming to the RULER for Families Parent Leadership Institute make hosting the event possible.


    We hope that by pushing the date for the RULER for Families Parent Leadership Institute back to Saturday morning, April 6th. (no longer March 9th) that most of you will be able to come. We have so much that we’d like to share with you and we’re eager to hear from your insights and stories as well.


    We hope that April 6th WILL work for you!   Please let us know right away.  It will still be at the New Haven Lawn Club, in a lovely room, and with great food.


    All our best,



    P.S. I apologize if your name is here twice. If that’s the case, please respond to just me, so that I can make the fix. Thanks!




    Overview of R.U.L.E.R. Tools


    Charter Tool

    You can download this flyer here.  

     Charter Flyer




    Meta Moment Tool

    You can download this flyer here.

    Meta Moment Flyer


    Mood Meter Tool

    You can download this flyer here. 


    Mood Meter Flyer  



    Blueprint Tool

    You can download this flyer here. 

    Blueprint Flyer






  • PBIS 

    Positive Behavior Incentive System


    At Marin we all use Class Dojo for our student reward system. Parents can login and see different behavior that students are earning each day in class. Class Dojo also allows for communication between families and school. You can message all of the teachers in any language about questions you have. There is also a Marin School page on Dojo that have updates regarding school happenings. 



    RULER, PBIS and Supports