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    Principal Carla Fontes‐Alers

    As I walk through the halls of John Winthrop School, I am in awe of the tremendous responsibility before each of our teachers. They are asked daily to tend to thirty wonderfully diverse students and bring them from where they are academically and socially as they enter the class on the first day, prepared and ready by year end to move to the next grade level. They do this with creativity and hard work as they bring their expertise in curriculum and instruction to reach every child. They care about each child and give pause daily to reflect on their day and how they can do it better. They do this in concert with parents and the entire school community.

    These efforts are supported by their collegial conversations, learning walks, formal and informal observations, and professional development to ensure your child receives an exemplar experience at Winthrop School. Join me in applauding their work.

  • Assistant Principal Mrs. Shirley Ricart-Underhill 

    It is my privilege to introduce myself as the new Assistant Principal of John Winthrop School. I have worked with Bridgeport Public Schools for nine years. During this time, I have been an ESL teacher, a district trainer of teachers, and an English Learner Instructional Specialist.  In my new role I will work with school administration, parents, teachers, support staff, and students to help maintain a school community focused on wellness, knowledge and engagement. 

    I believe that wellness is at the core of a healthy school community. A student’s state of being is an essential component of their academic and social development. This is why I am committed to working alongside our learning community to promote physical, emotional, cultural and intellectual safety. 

    Finally, this includes you. I believe that parents are their child’s first and most important teacher and advocate.  You are the cornerstone to your child’s personal and academic development. I will work to engage families to sustain wellness and learning. I will work with parents to support their understanding of how to navigate programs, services, and resources.  I will work with you, teachers, students, support staff and Mrs. Fontes-Alers to help sustain a positive learning and growing Winthrop school community.