• Champion for Children


    The mission of  John Winthrop Elementary school is to cultivate students who think critically to solve problems, read fluently, comprehend text, write for diverse audiences, apply mathematical concepts, get along well with their peers and are prepared to succeed in high school and beyond.


    The overall purpose of John Winthrop School is to assist all students in the development of their minds and the acquisition of knowledge.  All children are capable of learning, even though not necessarily on the same day and the same time.  We must strive to provide a variety of learning techniques and experiences wherein students can succeed.  An orderly learning environment should be created and maintained by the establishment of consistent expectations for all.

    As educators, we are able to provide an opportunity for our students to achieve their best level of competence in the mastery of subject matter.  We must also provide experiences and activities, which will enhance the development of physical fitness and good health habits.  It is equally important that our students develop an appreciation for the arts, a respect and understanding and a sense of patriotism for
    our country .