• Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan 2021-22


     Welcome To Edison Elementary School (K-6)

    115 Boston Terrace 

    Bridgeport, CT 06610

    Call us @ 203-275-2253

    Image of Edison School Building

     Principal: Mrs. Christine Morrone 

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     School doors open at 8:40 AM. No students should be on campus before 8:40 AM. Dismissal is at 3:10 PM. Uniforms are mandatory.  

    Student Uniform Examples


    90 Minute Delay-- Start Time       10:20 AM

      2 Hour Delay-- Start Time            10:50AM




    The Edison School Lighthouse After-School Program is registering students now for Fall 2021! Last year we had over 105 children enrolled. Space was limited!  Fall is coming! Please be sure to reserve your child's spot for this year! Hours are 3:10PM- 5:30PM Monday-Friday. 


    Si necesita que esta carta sea interpretada o transcrita en su idioma natal, por favor avise a la escuela immediatamente para que podamos ayudar.  Gracias

  • Edison School Re-Opening Plan for Parents and Guardians 

    We strive to create an atmosphere of ‘one’ school for all students, in-person and remote learners, and appreciate your cooperation and support during this challenging time. 


    • Main doors open at 8:40 AM 
    • All students will report DIRECTLY to their Homeroom 
    • Staff will be available to assist students entering the building 
    • All students are required to wear masks 
    • Visitors will not be allowed in the building unless for a scheduled PPT 
    • Students who arrive late, will report to the Main Office for a pass  


    • Dismissal begins at 2:35 PM 
    • Bus students will dismiss from Harvey Street  
    • Grade K-1 studentswith older siblingswill dismiss from Birdseye Street  
    • Grade 2 –6 students will dismiss from the Main Doors 
    • Staff will be available to assist students exiting the building 

    Parents picking up students before 2:25 PM 

    • Not allowed after 2:00 PM 
    • Parent must call ahead to notify the Main Office and call again once parent arrives at the school. The student will dismiss from the Main Doors 

    Breakfast & Lunch 

    • Breakfast and lunch will be delivered to students by café staff 
    • Any food brought from home must be nut free 
    • Students may not share food 

    Instructional Time/Specials 

    • Remote learners and in-person learners will participate in the same daily lesson live-streamed from the classroom by teachers on TEAMS. 
    • School day hours are 8:40 AM – 2:25 PM for all students, in-person as well as remote learners 
    • All classrooms are set up following State guidelines on social distancing 
    • Mask breaksrecess and restroom use will be scheduled daily 
    • To limit travel in hallways, all classes will be conducted in the homeroom; all specialists will push-in  
    • Sped resource services will be provided in a separate classroom adhering to guidelines of social distancing and wearing masks 
    • Students are required to periodically sanitize their area – chairdesk, etc. with the cleaning supplies provided  
    • All students will receive an electronic device to participate in TEAMS 
    • Students may not share materials. Each teacher will provide a materials list required for the class. If you require help in securing materials, please contact the school. 
    • Attendance for both remote learners and in-person learners will be taken daily 
    • Students participating in-person must wear a uniform; students participating remotely must dress appropriately 
    • Notification is required to switch from remote to in-person and from in-person to remote. Call the Main Office for information 

    Nurse Visits/Medical Needs 

    • Parents must screen children daily for a fever 
    • Any student with a temperature over 100.4 degrees is not allowed in school 
    • Students who become sick in school with a fever will be isolatedwith supervisionuntil the parent picks up the student 

    The School Building 

    • Bathrooms are sanitized twice a day by custodians 
    • Desks will be wiped down with sanitizing wipes by students at set times during the day 


    • Students will receive an electronic device from BPS. Only devices issued by BPS may be used by students 
    • Parents are financially responsible for any damage to or the loss of district issued device and a fee will be assessed for broken, lost or stolen devices 
    • Microsoft Office Teams and Teams Education are the only authorized platforms  

    Social/Emotional Growth 

    • Therwill be regular and frequent communication to families and staff via Facebook, phone blasts, and email 
    • Parents are encouraged to the call the school with any questions or concerns 
    • All students will take part in school-based learning activities at home or in school 
    • We stress the importance of regular school attendance for all students 



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