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    As Bridgeport Public School embarks on creating meaningful classroom learning for all students, we want to emphasize to all parents that we understand the challenges you face as we deal with these unprecedented times. Your child’s education is a shared responsibility and you are being asked to play a greater role than ever before. Our goal is 100% student participation. We are here to lead, guide and support learning efforts at home. You are encouraged to reach out to the teachers with any questions and or concerns you may have.

    Discussions will continue to be conducted to ensure that the we are implementing practices that are in the best interest of supporting high-quality, engaged learning for all students, maximizing the impact of communication and interaction between teacher and student, and providing support, collaboration and guidance to teachers and between home and school.

    Parents should contact their school principal if they do not have access to a device such as a laptop or tablet to complete online learning activities. Devices may be checked to support student learning at home during the remote learning days. If a child is experiencing problems with a device or other digital learning resources, contact the school principal for assistance. The principal will support remote learning with virtual classroom check-ins and in-person class visits looking for evidence student engagement and participation.


    1. District

    • Inform students, parents and teachers regarding any updates. 
    • Communicate clear and consistent expectations for all teachers, parents and students related to remote teaching and learning.
    • Provide the necessary supports and resources to ensure high quality learning continues through the remote learning.
    • Communication from school will primarily occur through School Messenger, TEAMS and the District website: www.bridgeportedu.net.  Updates to the website will be posted regularly.

    2. Teachers and Support Staff

    • Provide timely feedback on student work and requests.
    • Develop remote lessons and learning activities that are age/grade appropriate.
    •  Support students in their ability to collaborate by using the digital tools on Teams.
    • Be accessible to communicate and interact with students and parents during the scheduled workday.
    • Teachers are encouraged to check in with students and or parents regularly through email, TEAMS, or   other authorized modes of communication to ensure student participation and engagement.
    • When not engaged in live/real time learning activities with students, teachers will be regularly checking for communications from students, parents, staff and administration throughout the workday.
    • If teachers are unable to contact students or their parents by the end of each week, they will notify school administration and support staff so that the office can follow up with families to ensure all students are active and completing the assigned lessons/learning activities.

    3. Students

    • Read at least 30 minutes every day.
    •  Participate in video/real time lessons every day, all day with camera turned on
    • Review lessons and learning activities assigned by the teacher.
    • Collaborate with teacher and peers using the digital tools on Teams. 
    • Wear clothing appropriate for in-person schooling daily and participate in environment supportive of learning.
    • Continuously reflect on learning progress and assignments daily and ask for support/help when needed.
    • Complete assigned work, learning activities, and assessments to the best of their ability and by the due dates indicated.

    4. Parents

    • Review the Remote Learning Plan.
    • Request your child’s student number for future use and reference.
    • Update email, phone communication, and emergency contacts in PowerSchool. Contact the school to make sure the most current information is on file. 
    • Coordinate, as needed, a time for the administration of district assessments.
    • Set limits on technology use for games, social media, etc. for your child’s safety and well-being. Review the Bridgeport Public School Internet and Network Use policy with your child https://www.bridgeportedu.net/domain/1278
    • Establish a daily routine similar to a school day and provide an appropriate space to support student learning. Develop a rotational schedule for a shared workspace if you have more than one child.
    • Review assigned work, discuss expectations for remote learning with your child, and communicate with teachers.
    • Emphasize the importance of learning and education. Engage students in self-reflect of their learning, so they take ownership of their learning and how to best work at home.
    • Expect your child to read at least 30 minutes every day.
    • It is important that students get an appropriate amount of sleep each night. The following guidelines should be considered: Ages 3-5 (11-13 hours of sleep), Ages 5-10 (10-11 hours of sleep), Ages 11 up (9 to 10 hours of sleep).
    • Children should be exercising at least an hour each day most of which should be moderate or vigorous aerobic activity.
    • Health, wellness and social emotional needs must be a priority for all children during this time. We encourage parents to contact the District office if you need the assistance of the Director of Social Work.
    •  Be sure to follow best practice hygiene daily, wash hands regularly and follow CDC preventative measures recommendations. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/prevention.html


    Attendance/Participation: Attendance will be kept for all remote learning days through PowerSchool. All student attendance will be consistent with in person student attendance.

    Learning Activities: Lessons / learning activities should be high quality and meaningful to the applicable content standards. Teachers will provide clear guidance and expectations.

    Assignments may be provided daily with the expectation that the work will be complete by the date indicated by the teacher. Parents or students may take pictures of non-digital assignments/work and email it to the teachers.

    Hard copy work can also be dropped off at the school office Monday through Friday from 8am to 12pm. Please call ahead to notify the office if you plan to go to the school for any reason. 

    Grading: The focus of this plan is on student learning. Work assigned should be graded in a timely manner and feedback provided for improvement when the grade is less than current or expected achievement levels so that students can re-do and improve their performance. All students will be graded on the regular student grading scale. Any assignment not completed will be marked as missing. Any missing assignments will result in a grade of zero.