A Tradition Here at MCM

Mrs. Sarmiento and her 8th graders have started a new tradition here at Multicultural Magnet. Mrs. Brown has taken over the tradition and continued working with the students.

  • The students from the graduating 8th-grade classes paint a mural in one of our hallways and dedicate it to our students. Their hard work and dedication are well worth it, our murals are quite beautiful and display the talents of many of our students.  You are welcome to come and see them for yourself!

  • This is the first mural which was created by the graduating class of 2001.

  • This is the mural which was created by the class of 2003.  This mural displays members of our community, and just how important each of their roles are.

    This beautiful replica of the Amistad which adorns our hallway, was created by the graduating class of 2002 -2003.  The students participated in a Chase Grant, which involved all of the major subjects.  They studied the history of the Amistad and its significance. The children also used TurboCad to design a smaller model of the Amistad.  A selected group of students worked with Mrs. Lin and a teacher from the Aquaculture school to create our beautiful model.
  • 20692/p2637645_14605.jpg
    The 8th grade students from the graduating class of 2004 created murals which depict a timeline from African American History.  The timelines include important events from our African American History.
  • The 8th grade students also created a mural about all the important past and present personalities in our African American History.