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  • SAT Virtual Prep - Go to the "News" or the "students" section for more details.
  • Laptop Distribution Procedures

    In-person Leaners: 

    Device agreement forms to be provided for all in-person learners during school during the day. Signed forms need to be returned and students will be assigned a laptop in school.

    Distance Learners: 

    Please complete this form and you will be contacted when your laptop is ready to be picked up.  

  •  For Faculty, Parents, and Students support (M-F - 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM)

      • Academic Technical Assistance (203) 275 - 1193 or send a Teams message to @ITS Academic Support
      • The ITS-AST will be standing by on the hotline to directly address your calls!
  • Please visit the Parents/Students section to read the attendance protocols and other important information.

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